Free printable pages

These free printable pages were created for your personal use. Feel free to print them and share them with others,

or use them as part of your community activities or children's classes.

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Little booklet - Quotes on love

Quotes on love cover - black and white.j

Create your own book to give out to friends and family as a gift.This selection of quotes was compiled by Sahar Sabati-Safai who has been giving out quote booklets with gifts for various occasions.


1. Print all items. You can choose between the color or black and white cover. Card stock is preferable for the cover.

2. For the inside files, cut along the middle line. Fold the remaining paper in two. The open side is going to go towards the spine of the book.

3. To cut the cover, use the guides as markers so your final image will not have any cutting lines.

4. Put the pages inside the booklet and staple.

Quotes on love 1.jpg
Quotes on love 2.jpg
Quotes on love 3.jpg

Baha'i Fund contribution boxes


A family or community fund box.


1. Color and decorate the box and lid. Cut out the images along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines.

2. Assemble using tape or glue.



Ridvan coloring page


A coloring page to color and decorate for Ridvan.


Bookmarks to color and decorate for different occasions. Give them as gifts or keep the in prayer books and as keepsakes.

Bookmarks - ENGLISH.jpg


Bookmarks - FRENCH.jpg




An activity to help with memorization and practicing the virtue of justice.