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Children Ayyám-i-Há / Naw-Rúz Gifts 
Community Gift Packages for any occasion


What we do

We prepare gift packages for children so that your assembly or community can give every child a small gift. Select your budget and we will carefully wrap and label each package. Packages are sent to a single address for you to hand out and distribute. Minimum orders of 10 gifts.


STEP 1 - Look at our gift options

OPTION 1 - 10 $ per gift
  • 1 small book from our selection (children under 5 will receive a board book, older children will receive a small soft cover book).

  • 2 small items from our selection of stickers, magnets, or pins.

OPTION 2 - 15 $ per gift
  • 2 small books from our selection OR 1 large book OR journal (children under 5 will receive 1 board book and 1 soft cover small book).

  • 2 small items from our selection of stickers, magnets, or pins.


STEP 2 - Contact us

Contact us to receive an order information sheet
with more details

Minimum orders of ten gifts per single mailing address.

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  • Instagram

Thanks for submitting!

STEP 3 - Gather the information you will need to send us

After you submit the form above we will be sending you a form to select the type of gift options you wish us to prepare.

In the form you will need to send us a list of all the names of the children and their age so that we can prepare the appropriate package.  If you wish for us to prepare a "family" package (two siblings or more receiving a larger gift instead of individual gifts) this can be accommodated and needs to be indicated on the order form. 

Once we receive the final order form we will carefully prepare the packages and send them to a single address for your community to distribute. 

Payment will be processed once the order has been prepared and shipped.  Invoice and payment will need to be processed online.

If you have any questions that need a speedy reply, feel free to reach out to us via email or via Facebook / Messenger. Or you contact us here

STEP 4 - Receive and distribute your gifts

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