Stories for older children


A Boy in Akka (1868-1870)

Jacqueline Mehrabi

This is a mystery story about a young Turkish boy living in the prison-city of Akka in the nineteenth century who discovers a wonderful and true secret. As he follows clue after exciting clue, he has many tests but never gives up. His reward is to discover something so beautiful it can change the lives of everyone on earth.

A Few Minutes a Day

Dicy Hall

This book’s simple tools and short lessons that will help us educate our children in the importance of daily prayer, recitation and reflection on the writings, give them an understanding of the Bahá'í teachings and, enable them to learn the art of consultation so that they will develop good morals, a sense of self-worth and healthy patterns of behaviour. All it takes is a few minutes a day.

A Journey Through the Hidden Words

Mahnaz Afshin

This is the story of Naim and Maryam as they learn how to navigate through life, drawing upon the Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah for guidance, inspiration, and contemplation. Beloved Hand of the Cause of God, Mr. A.Q. Faizi once called the Hidden Words a Divine plan for a perfect life with proper guidance, and that it is "the spiritual journey that man is destined to go through and reach the ultimate goal of his life... When we study the Hidden Words, we find the exalted station of man." This narrative explores a selection of Hidden Words in a search to find this exalted station.

Abby Wize Away: Loved Awake, Growing Aware

Lisa Bradley Godward and Sean Michael Robinson

Revel in this detailed, realistic, creative science fantasy of a horse-loving American teenager’s spiritual time-travel to a nurturing, welcoming future age. Go with Abby to an engaging future world of fun, art, and discovery, where school really IS cool, living is simple, religions agree, and everyone is respected and included

Ali’s Dream

John S. Hatcher

The story of Ali, an eleven-year-old boy living in 'Akká (present-day Israel) in 1912, whose life becomes a quest for the meaning of a mysterious dream. This dream leads him to carefully study his Bahá'í heritage, and sets him on a course to discover his own spiritual destiny. Author John S. Hatcher has woven together scenes and fascinating details of the history of the Bahá'í Faith-stories of heroism and heartrending drama-drawing from them universal truths about sacrifice, suffering, and the spiritual qualities required in growing up.

Animals for Peace Books 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Kiser Barnes

Animals for Peace series is a series of stories for children. While fighting among themselves, the animals discover how the magic of love and oneness defeats war and disunity. From the teachings of the Baha'i Faith, they learn how the abolition of conflict and the unity of humankind are possible, which is as thrilling as the wide fields over which they range. There are 5 different books in this series, including Magic Night of Peace, Fragrance of Peace, Literally for Peace.

Awesome Kindness: A Story of Friendship

Nancy Murphy, Mary Jo Sterling, and Cora Hays

When Kennedy comes along with her bullying behavior, Jaylen and Langston just ignore the meanness and respond with unexpected kindness. Their loving and positive response causes Kennedy to briefly pause and look at her own actions. She is able to recognize that her meanness is a habit she learned from her brother. A behavior she doesn’t like to experience. The wall of meanness melts away when she chooses to be vulnerable in the safety of her friends. Together they sing, dance, and create more joy in their world.

Borne on Wings: Nine Joe Roc Baha'i Fables

Joe Roc

Joe Roc presents Bahá’í morals and spiritual lessons via fables, short stories, and skits. There are 13 books in this series: The Lady of the Mangos, The Oasis of Magno, The Garden of Pancho, The One True Mirror, Perfect Justice, Colors, Immerse Thyself, Midnight Sighing, I Sift for Gold, Generations, Borne on Wings, and Thy Forgiveness Hath Enboldened Me.

Call Me Ridvan

Wendi Momen

This is the story of how one young Bahá'í finds out how to cope with the problems of being different - and how he learns something about himself and his religion at the same time.

Consulting Detective

Alan Manifold

Detective Mihdí Montgomery is not your average mystery novel detective. Far from being a hardboiled, reticent loner, he is an outgoing, happily married father of two children who relies on spiritual principles for guidance in both his work and personal life. But when a rabbi is murdered in a Jewish synagogue in an apparent hate crime, Detective Montgomery’s faith is put to the test.

Diamonds in the Rough

Jenina S. Lepard

Fifteen-year-old Grant has decided to host a weekly gathering for his friends and peers. He has invited them over and is a little nervous about how everything will go, but after the group explore the Universal House of Justice's statement that young people represent a "vast reservoir of energy and talent that can be devoted to the advancement of spiritual and material civilization," everyone seems committed to participating in the group.

Discovering the Moon

Jenina S. Lepard

Discovering the Moon is the story of a soon-to-be fifteen-year-old girl as she explores what it means to be in charge of her own spiritual destiny by having deep spiritual conversations with her loving family members. Author Jacqueline Mehrabi invites readers into Fern’s world to ponder deep questions about what it means to grow up and grapple with one’s spiritual existence. There are 3 different books in this series. The other books are titled Discovering the Sea and Discovering the Sun.

Dragons of

A Boy in Akka (1868-1870),Jacqueline Mehrabi,
A Few Minutes a Day,Dicy Hall,
A Journey Through the Hidden Words,Mahnaz Afshin,
"Abby Wize Away: Loved Awake, Growing Aware",Lisa Bradley Godward and Sean Michael Robinson,
Ali’s Dream,John S. Hatcher,
"Animals for Peace Books 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5",Kiser Barnes,
Awesome Kindness: A Story of Friendship,"Nancy Murphy, Mary Jo Sterling, and Cora Hays",
Borne on Wings: Nine Joe Roc Baha'i Fables,Joe Roc,
Call Me Ridvan,Wendi Momen,
Consulting Detective,Alan Manifold,
Diamonds in the Rough,Jenina S. Lepard,
Discovering the Moon,Jenina S. Lepard,
Dragons of Rizvania,"Carol Handy, Louise Taylor",
Edith Rose and Friends,Ron Tomanio and Michelle Fairbarns,
Healing Hasan’s Heart,John S. Hatcher,
Hot Air,Kacie LeCompte Renfro,
How Riley Tamed the Invisible Monster,Dawn E. Garrott and Luthando Mazibuko,
I Love My Name,Linda Ahdieh Grant and Anna Myers,
In Grandfather’s Barn,William Sears,
Ios and the King,Gail Radley and Susan Reed,
"Kyle Jeffries, Pilgrim",Gail Radley and Taurus Burns,
Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow,Anne Perry,
Mariana and the Mountain of God,Stacey Coverstone and Mary Firman,
Mema Says Goodbye,Cynthia Jaskwhich and Luthando Mazibuko,
Mine Your Inner Gems: Activity Book To Learn About Virtues,"Chelsea Lee Smith, Elaheh BosMine ",
Nuala Says Her Prayers,"Sahar Sabati, Tina Toosky",
Remember the Rainbow,Jacqueline Mehrabi,
Rooth Sees a Trooth,Michael Karlberg,
Roses Everywhere,"Alhan Rahimi, Alina Onipchenko",
Spirit Within Club 1 & 2,Sahar Sabati,
Starr and Her Family Host a Feast,"Sahar Sabati, Nelli Newport",
The Adventures of Mali and Keela: A Virtues Book for Children,Jonathan Collins and Jenny Cooper,
The Fellowship Farm Series,Melanie Lotfali,
The Flute Player and the Lazy One,Gail Radley and Anne Meadowcroft-Wright,
The Heroic Female Spirit,Phyllis K. Peterson,
The Horse of the Moonlight,Irene Taafaki,
The Imperfect Pilgrim and One Summer,Ron Tomanio and Leona Hosack,
The Lovebird’s Freedom,Esther Maloney and Elaheh Bos,
The Sunshine Tree,Wendy Heller and Brian O’Neill,
Virtue Seeds - 3 books in the series ,Elaheh Bos,
Wave Watcher,Craig Alan Johnson,
Willie and the Number 3 Door and Other Adventures,Adrienne Ellis Reeves and Leona Hosack,
Zanjan: A Graphic Novel Based on Real Events,Aaron Emmel and C. Aaron Kreader,

© Copyright Elaheh Mottahedeh Bos
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