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A gathering space for children's books

On this site, you will find a compilations of children's books that are available via various distributors, artist sites, online book stores, or directly from our store. To simplify the viewing process, the books have been separated by category. That is not an exact science as most books fit multiple categories, so please take the time to look at all categories when looking for a book.

We would like to thank Andrea Hope for helping this work by creating a very inclusive compilation of Baha’i children’s books.

If you wish to download or view her original list as a PDF, you can visit her site here

In the selection included, you will notice that we have added newer items and tried to simplify the access to these books by creating links to stores where the books are available and to Amazon.  

Books may also be available in the following places or in your local community bookstore.  

IMPORTANT: This list is shared for information purposes. It is a collection of books that have Baha'i content for children, content that can help teach Baha'i principles, or are written by Baha'i authors. We cannot vouch for the content, accuracy, or quality of the books. These books have not been reviewed by us, and we cannot speak for their review process. If you have a reason why you believe a certain book should be removed from the list, please contact us and let us know why and we can start the consultation process to come to the best decision.

Do you know of a book we should add to the list?


While we tried to add as many books as possible, we may have missed some books, so if you see something missing, please help us out.

Please check that the book is not already there by searching the title or author in the search button. If it is not there, please fill in the following form so we can add it to the list.

New book suggestion for the list
In which category does this book fit?

Thank you. We will review and add the book in the following weeks

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