Stories for younger children


A Feast of ABCs

Gail Radley

An alphabetical approach to the Nineteen Day Feast, featuring children and their activities from around the world. Illustrated by Malcolm Lee. A delightful ABC book for children about the Nineteen Day Feast by a well-known and popular writer for young people. Features children of many nationalities in its charming illustrations.

A Gift from God

Tahirih Lemon and Liudmyla Stetskovych

A curious child learns the truth about her being a gift from God. A charming story exploring one child’s endless questions regarding God. An ideal book to introduce the concept of God to young children. Short children’s prayers from some of the world’s major religions are included at the end of the book.

A Prayer for Fluffy

Roxana Faith Sinex and Wendy Cowper-Thomas

On his birthday, Colby receives a bike from Mom and Dad, and then Grandma surprises him with the cutest kitten he has ever seen. While playing with the new bike Colby looks up to see that the new kitten is gone. However, Colby is to discover that God often answers our prayers in unexpected ways. The second book in this series is titled Colby’s New Home.

A is for Alláh-u-Abhá

Andrea Hope and Winda Mulyasari

An alphabet picture book of Bahá’í terms. This ABC book was created to help children discover common words used in the Bahá’í writings and strengthen Bahá’í identity. It is hoped that parents and teachers will help children explore important concepts like equality, justice, and obligatory prayers. Best for pre-school and elementary school children.

Basic Truths Series

Bambi Betts

Simple text books for children on Bahá'í concepts. Designed to help parents teach their children some of the abstract ideas enshrined in the Bahá'í teachings, each section provides the basic vocabulary and concepts needed. Each page is illustrated with a simple line drawing suitable for the child to color. Guidelines on how to use the book are included. There are 3 different books in this series.

Beyond the Rainbow

Brenda Humphries

Life after death is even more difficult to explain to a child than God, but this book offers several metaphors based on the Bahá’í Writings to make death less frightening to a young heart. From Bambi’s mother to their own grandparents, kids are surrounded by death at a very very young age. Presented as a conversation between a mother and 5-year-old son, this book will help you help them make sense of it all.

Garden of Virtues: A Guess-the-Virtue Book for Kids

Chelsea Lee Smith and Shimoné Mackie

Step into the Garden of Virtues and learn to identify positive qualities such as helpfulness, determination, generosity and more. Providing an engaging introduction to 10 different virtues, this storybook and the accompanying activity pack is a valuable resource for parents and teachers to playfully foster personal development.

Gumpchy the Little Bahá’í Bear

Neda Master

A delightfully refreshing story about a little bear and his family who move to the Australian bush to pioneer. Gumpchy makes new friends, faces new challenges and along the way sets an example by practicing the principles of the Baha'i Faith, and virtues, in his everyday encounters. An ideal book for young children which introduces moral concepts and virtues in a way which is easy to understand.

How Do You Do, Who Are You?

Judith A. Cobb, Todd and Melanie Kline

A delightful board book where children can meet other children from all around the world and learn the Oneness of Mankind. Each page has a colorful picture of different children and a rhyme of introduction.

I’m the Best

Constanze von Kitzing

Follow the adventures of a mischievous little lion. In I’m the Best, little lion wants to be the best animal on the savanna--until he compares himself to the other animals around him and realizes that there are many ways to be the best. There are 3 different books in this series. The other two books are titled Can’t Catch Me and Are You Sleeping?

Jamila Does Not Want a Bat in Her House

Phyllis Edgerly Ring and Leona Hosack

It’s not that Jamila minds the bat. It's where the bat IS that bothers Jamila. She knows that bats do not belong inside. She does not want a bat inside her house. And she is certain that bats do not belong inside anyone’s house for Nineteen-Day Feast. Join Jamila and her family as they work together – using prayer, consultation, and action – to try and get the bat outside where it belongs.

Jungle Kings

Nancy Murphy, Mary Jo Sterling, and Cora Hays

The Jungle Kings’ characters, Bentley and Carson, are unlikely friends, an elephant calf and a lion cub. They are first startled by the appearance of one another but curiosity causes them to forge a friendship as they play and learn about each other. Jungle Kings offers a "Word Power" and "Turning a Phrase" section to build vocabulary and explain literary concepts. The consultation practice invites families to have conversations that lead to understanding and possible change.

A Feast of ABCs,Gail Radley,
A Prayer for Fluffy,Roxana Faith Sinex and Wendy Cowper-Thomas,
A is for Alláh-u-Abhá,Andrea Hope and Winda Mulyasari,
Basic Truths Series,Bambi Betts,
Beyond the Rainbow,Brenda Humphries,
Garden of Virtues: A Guess-the-Virtue Book for Kids,Chelsea Lee Smith and Shimoné Mackie,
Gumpchy the Little Bahá’í Bear,Neda Master,
"How Do You Do, Who Are You?","Judith A. Cobb, Todd and Melanie Kline",
I’m the Best,Constanze von Kitzing,
Jamila Does Not Want a Bat in Her House,Phyllis Edgerly Ring and Leona Hosack,
Jungle Kings,"Nancy Murphy, Mary Jo Sterling, and Cora Hays",
Jungle of Virtues,Chelsea Lee Smith and Constanze Von Kitzing,
Kamal’s Day,Leona Hosack,
Mason’s Greatest Gems,Chelsea Lee Smith and Elaheh Bos,
My Alphabet Journey,Elaheh Bos,
My Mummy Has Many Jobs,Lutay B. C.,
Rumble in the Jungle,Maryam Master,
Service: Virtues of My Heart,Melissa Lopez Charepoo,
Something Important,Patti Rae Tomarelli and Wendy Cowper-Thomas,
Sweet Neighbors Come in All Colors,Lisa Blecker,
Sweet One,Jessica Dawn Murphy and Betty Chong-Gerbracht,
The Animal Tales Series,Jennifer Lemon and Mariya Daliri Beale,
The Beautiful Garden,Megan McMahon,
The Best Parts of Me Are Invisible,Lutay B.C.,
The First Gift,Judith A. Cobb and Wendy Cowper-Thomas,
The Good in Me from A-Z by Dottie,Lisa Blecker and C. Aaron Kreader,
The Naming of Femi’s Brother,Kiser Barnes,
The Riddle of Hollow Reed,Taurus Burns and Charlotte J. Harman,
Unity in Diversity,Melanie Lotfali,

© Copyright Elaheh Mottahedeh Bos
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